Use Cases

Create rich, dynamic conversations — for all use cases

Once you have a voice app running on our platform, you can easily leverage business guidelines to tailor the voice experience. You can also leverage the power of Wellspoken technology and behavioral AI to custmoize shared, or common unscripted situations and handle intent conflicts. At the same time, you will lower the cost to implement and maintain—up to 10 times less.


Personalize conversional contact discovery, navigation and handover

A conversational Voice First assistant enables you to leverage our digital voice innovations. Swiftly implement a consistent friendly voice self-service experience for discovery, navigation, and access to your exiting IVRs, IVAs, human agents and newer voice-powered conversational apps.


Support social distancing, voice questionnaires, form filling, and a smooth check-in process

A friendly conversational Voice First self-service enables you to decrease in-lobby traffic, complementing self-service kiosks and mobile apps, shortening lines, and keeping social distance, while increasing efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Your Own Voice App

Build voice apps that people trust, powered by our behavioral AI and SRG

Craft task fulfilment conversations using any popular situational dialog managers. Add expressiveness with our unique humanization-impacting technology. Or simply create high-level situational flows and let us humanize the rest, using the same behavioral models. Our SDK provides access to the APIs and to the enhanced behavioral AI libraries.