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Personalize conversional contact discovery, navigation and handover

A conversational Voice First assistant enables you to leverage our digital voice innovations. Swiftly implement a consistent friendly voice self-service experience for discovery, navigation, FAQs and access to your exiting IVRs, IVAs, human agents and newer voice-powered conversational apps.

User Benefits

  • 46% of voice users search for a local business daily, but otherwise voice is underutilized
  • 27% visit the website of a local business after conducting a voice search
  • Voice users seek natural exploration of products and data, beyond web Q&A or menu selection

Business Benefits

  • Offload traffic volume through self-service, including voice
  • Create a consistent branded voice experience that complements web discovery and access
  • Consolidate a variety of IVRs, voices and experiences quickly and easily

Main Features:

  • Automate conversational contact discovery, navigation and handover by products, services or departments
  • Easily add new services, products (e.g. voice orders) and information (FAQs, COVID-19 policies, etc.)
  • Support detailed information-providing situations
  • Personalize consistent enterprise voice behaviors
  • Enable in-conversation context switching
  • Transition to apps, developed situations and other task fulfilment through conversations

Conversation Example

Conversation example MyDirectory

Application-Specific Situations

Special Libraries

Botic situations library

How to Implement

Setup and customization

  • Use Eva or your branded voice to guide your customer
  • Add your products, services and departments’ access points, FAQ’s and disclaimers
  • Train the models better to improve the customer experience

Pricing Model

  • Low price concurrent 24/7 SaaS VA access
  • On-demand elastic VA per hour access
  • Lowest prices for setup and optional customizations

For further information please email and explain your need.