Create Your Own Voice App

Build voice apps that people trust, powered by our behavioral AI and Situational Response Generator

With more employees working from home, the demand for digital voice is greater than ever. We’ve seen a 200% increase in calls to contact centers alone. It has also created the need for new use cases and the addition of conversational voice within existing business flows.

Customize Voice Apps

Craft task fulfilment conversations using any popular situational dialog manager. Add expressiveness with our unique humanization APIs and libraries. Or simply create high-level situational flows and let us humanize the rest, using the same APIs. Our SDK provides access to the APIs and to the enhanced behavioral AI libraries.

Leverage True Innovation

Wellspoken empowers voice designers to design, simulate and deploy voice apps that customers can trust. You can also address a diverse set of business tasks with life-like virtual agents that have more contextual insight and intelligence.

Business Benefits

  • Expand adoption of voice self-service applications for your use cases
  • Increase customer engagement and loyalty
  • Create a branded conversational voice and consistent voice behavior
  • Gain insight into voice effectiveness and productivity—to measure ROI
  • Reduce time to market, risks and implementation costs

Developer and Designer Benefits

  • Intuitively build and simulate conversational voice use cases by behavioral micro situations
  • Shorten design, implementation and maintenance cycles
  • Focus on contextual situation behavior and avoid having to reprogram natural behavior
  • Expand situation models and libraries to continually address new use cases

Main Features:

  • Intuitively build and simulate conversational voice use cases
  • Get a head start on design using our rich libraries of high-level situations
  • Define your branded voice behavioral guidelines only once
  • Leverage branded voices and behavior models that work best and reuse across use cases
  • Create simple use cases that address new needs, expanding and enriching your self-service portfolio
  • Modernize your exiting IVRs with consistent behavior
  • Give your chatbot a voice and greater NLG intelligence

Conversation Example: TV Box Serial Number

Your Own App Conversation Example

How to Implement

Survey and design

  • Analyze actual conversations and define top level situations
  • Analyze exiting IVRs and other waterfall scenarios
  • Define situational scenarios
  • Decide on ASR, NLU and Dialog Manager


  • Gain full SDK access: APIs and built-in models and libraries
  • Use predefined voices from supported vendors or build your own
  • Easily customize or create new situations
  • Train models
  • Integrate your virtual assistant data, CRM and journey manager
  • Simulate, test and publish

Use-Based Pricing Model 

  • Low price concurrent 24/7 SaaS VA access
  • On-demand elastic VA per hour access
  • Lowest prices for design, implementation and maintenance

For further information please email and explain your need.