Support social distancing, voice questionnaires, form filling, and a smooth check-in process with a virtual lobby

A friendly conversational Voice First self-service enables you to decrease in-lobby traffic, complementing self-service kiosks and mobile apps, shortening lines, and keeping social distance. At the same time, you will increase efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Users Benefits

  • Keep social distancing and minimize time indoors with other people
  • Streamline and simplify check-in procedures remotely and on the go
  • Minimize health risks with a contact-free voice solution

Business Benefits

  • Adapt to the new normal of business and operating models (direct to consumer, curbside pickup, virtual lobby, regulation compliance)
  • Offload traffic and enhance customer experience through self-service voice
  • Deliver a consistent branded voice experience that complements web discovery and access

Main Features:

  • Offer proactive check-in with voice
  • Provide a virtual agent to fill forms and manage appointments, including exception situations
  • Support COVID-19 regulations (social distancing, touchless, curbside pickup, policy changes)
  • Enable in-conversation context switching
  • Personalize voice and its guided behavior
  • Easily transition to apps, developed situations and other tasks fulfilled through conversations

Conversation Example

LobbyTime conversation example

Application-Specific Situations

Special Libraries

Authentication situations

​Authentication situations

Form filling collection

Flexible implementation process

Setup and customization

  • Use Eva or your branded persona to guide your customer
  • Add your questionnaires and forms
  • Add your directory access points, FAQ’s and disclaimers
  • Advanced: train the voice models for a better customer experience
  • Advanced: customize your situations

Pricing Model

  • Low price concurrent 24/7 SaaS virtual agent access
  • On-demand elastic VA per hour access
  • Lowest prices for setup and optional customizations

For further information please email sales@wellspoken.ai and tell us what you need.